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・「ORIGAMI SAMURAI」(ミヤギパッケージ)メインビジュアル

 The main visual of ORIGAMI SAMURAI (a product of MIYAGI PACKAGE)




 Poster of 'Youngster's Science Festival 2014



・「大妻女子大学 自然キャンプ」バッジ(2014年/2015年)

  Membership badge of 'Shizen Camp' in 2014, 2015




  Membership badge of 'Musashino Shizen Club' in 2014, 2015




 Poster of 'Umichiru is coming'




 Commercial illustration for 'Motobu Green-park Hotel'




 Picture on the cover of 'Bushikurai'




 'Tinsagunuhana' illustration for package and leaflet



・沖縄行事カレンダー「wakuwaku53 2011」

 Weekly Art Calendar 'wakuwaku53 2011'





 若手音楽家たちのDream Concert

The main visual of 'Dream Concert by young musicians'